VIRTUAL1 LLC is a wholly owned subsidy of Gepcom Inc. VIRTUAL1 specializes in developing website applications for various vertical markets. Currently this includes Restaurants, Hotels, and Real Estate with more markets coming.

Our focus is developing stunning websites utilizing the latest technologies available. These technologies include the use of HD Photography, Video, HD Multimedia Tours, Graphics and other media. In addition VIRTUAL1 websites are built to be viewed on many devices including: PC, Tablets, and Phones.

Gepcom Inc. was founded in 1995 by Nelson Comas and Frank Gepfrich and has offices in Florida and Colorado. GepCom began to create web sites and custom Internet software for companies like BuyOwner Inc., Motorola, Stetson University, the Deparment of Justice and many more. Over the years, GepCom has grown significantly and employs programmers, designers and various other resources in the United States and Overseas. We are now focusing our talents on producing unique and effective online tools for the vertical markets (Restaurants, Hotels, and Real Estate.).